Primavera P6 Professional Crack Full Version 17.7 Free Download

Primavera P6 Professional Crack with license code Version 17.7

Primavera P6 Professional latest full version is a standalone professional application that is excellent for managing projects and designs on a large scale that helps businesses in all aspects. In industries, there is quite a need for proper management. Everything needs to be on time and in order. If proper management isn’t there the companies would fail to deliver on time and end up resulting in huge losses.

Hence proper bookkeeping is required. For things to work smoothly companies use software for such tasks. Primavera P6 is one of the software that is widely used in management. It is a complex yet very handy tool introduced by Oracle which is a well-known company that produces such utility software compared to other simple products available in the market. Primavera P6 is used to track complex projects that are being done and built as well as used in building and scheduling such projects.

It is mainly used by construction, IT, manufacturing, and energy industries to manage portfolios, schedule the projects that are going as well as manage the resources of the company.

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Key Features:

  • Timelines: It contains charts that help you schedule tasks in a bar graph. It makes scheduling quite easy.
  • Portfolio management: A person can easily manage his projects by the usage of this specific program. Along with that, you can manage multiple projects with the help of this program hence making things even easier for you.
  • Alerts: It reminds you of what project is due by when hence making sure you are always on time and due to this reminding you can always be on time.
  • Reports and analytics: Thanks to this software report formation along with analytics are provided easily. It helps you keep the progress of your projects and makes sure you know which project should be given more time based on the reports and analytics
  • Risk management: With the help of this software you are made aware of any risk that might occur in that program or project that you are running and helps you in resolving it before it becomes a major issue.
  • Resource Analysis: One can easily keep track of all the resources one has to manage thanks to the Primavera P6.

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Setup Requirements:

To run the software following are the requirements that must be fulfilled to run the software smoothly

  • Operating systems: Windows server 2019 or 2016.
  • Architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Databases: SQL Server 2019 or 2017.
  • Processor: Quad-Core @ 2.9 GHz Intel Xeon CPU E5-2690, equivalent or better.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM is recommended.

How to get the cracked version:

Please make sure you follow the following steps as guided to get the software

  • Use this link to download the crack of Primavera P6 Professional
  • Turn off your internet otherwise, the software won’t be activated
  • Turn off windows defender’s real-time protection. In Windows 10 the method is different to turn off windows defender. You can search ‘Defender’ in the start menu.
  • Turn off any other antivirus because full-version programs and crack files are reported as false positives. Sometimes antivirus may corrupt the setup files. You can turn it on later after installation.


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