Windows 10 Manager Full Crack 3.7.0 by Yamicsoft

SoftCrackExia Windows 10 Manager is an all-in-one utility that helps you optimize, tweak, repair and clean up Microsoft Windows 10. It will increase your system speed, eliminate system faults, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

This is a bundle with more than 30 different utilities in one to help your system be faster and more stable. Also, it optimizes, tweaks, cleans up, repairs, and personalizes your copy of your Windows 10.

Windows 10 Manager SoftCrackExia has an uninstaller that can fully delete programs from your system without residual files. Also, it will display detailed information about all hardware on your system. Also, you will be able to find and clean junk files, and registry entries and defrag the registry. The 1-clicking Cleaner cleans your system automatically.

These changes in version 3.7.0 (2022-09-23):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • You can lock shopping mode Microsoft Management Console programs.
  • Add some features.

Its changes in version 3.6.9 (2022-08-22):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the expand button UI.
  • Add some features.

The changes in version 3.6.8 (2022-08-01):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • You can add startup items easily.
  • Perfect the checkbox image.

Update in version 3.6.7 (2022-07-11):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the network repair function.
  • You can clean the unused WiFi connection history.

These are changes in version 3.6.6 (2022-06-20):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the GUI.

Changes in version 3.6.5 (2022-05-25):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect some functions.

Changes in version 3.6.4 (2022-04-28):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the Junk File Cleaner and scan faster.

Windows 10 Manager 3.6.3 (2022-04-04):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the GUI.
  • Perfect the Duplicate Files Finder, you can find duplicate files faster.

Changes in version 3.6.2 (2022-03-11):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the GUI.

The changes in version 3.6.1 (2022-02-23):

  • Fix some bugs.
  • Perfect the Pin functions.

Windows 10 Director Highlights:


Makes the Framework Reestablish Point Physically. Gets definite data about your framework and equipment, and assists you with figuring out the Microsoft item key, for example, shopping mode Microsoft Windows and shopping mode Microsoft Office. Shows and deals with every single running cycle and string.

Fix Center assists with diagnosing and fixing the different framework issues. Tidies up your framework with only one click. Enhancement Wizard is valuable to the client who is new to PCs.

Streamlining agent

Changes your framework to further develop execution and speed up. Oversees and designs the Windows boot menu to your inclination. Startup Director controls every one of them began programs with Windows start. Additionally checks and fixes the high-level startup things to reestablish the malevolent change by infections.

Oversees and streamlines framework administrations and drivers to further develop execution. Oversees and enhances the planned undertakings to accelerate your framework.

More clean

Circle Analyzer can dissect and see the plate space utilization, everything being equal. Tidies up WinSxS envelope safely to decrease the part store size. Brilliant Uninstaller can completely erase programs from your framework without remaining records and vault sections. The work area Cleaner can dissect and move unused alternate routes, documents and envelopes on the work area to determined organizers. Look and erases garbage records to save plate space and further develop execution.

Likewise, the copied documents save your plate space. Vault Cleaner looks through Library to find out and erase the invalid things. Vault Defrag modifies and once again files your Library to lessen library access time. Thusly it further develops application responsiveness and wipes out slip-ups and debasement in Library.


Modifies framework boundaries as indicated by your inclinations by tweaking Record Traveler, Work area, Begin, Taskbar, and Notice region. Adds records, envelopes, and framework things to This PC, and Work area. Also, pins the records or envelopes to your Work area, Taskbar or Begin. Makes the speedy startup things for jumplist on Taskbar.

Deals with the setting menu when right snap the document, organizer, and so on. Alters the alternate way menu that right-clicks the Start button (Win + X easy route). Tweaks the appearance of your framework. Alters and adds the easy routes that are executed on the Run exchange box. Additionally changes the Windows Applications and shopping mode Microsoft Present day UI settings.


Changes framework, parts, UAC, and Sign in settings, changes different settings, and confines admittance to drives and projects to further develop framework security. Defend your touchy documents and organizer security.

Besides, scramble documents, and move framework organizers to safe areas. Security Defender guarantees protection and keeps touchy data secure by wiping out tracks. Document Undelete recuperates and reestablishes erased or arranged records on legitimate circles. Additionally locks some framework elements to further develop security.


Windows 10 Director upgrades and changes your web association and organization settings. Changes shopping mode Microsoft Edge program settings. IP Switcher can switch between various organization settings without any problem.

Additionally alters the Hosts document to accelerate framework riding web. Wi-Fi Administrator can see and deal with all your remote organization.

Random Utilities

Windows 10 Director makes planned undertakings or the monitorings that trigger errands. Shows and run the valuable assortment of utility that underlying your Windows. Parts a record into a few more modest documents or converges back to the first record. Super Duplicate is an amazing asset to naturally duplicate records or reinforcement. Works your Vault effectively utilizing the Library Devices.



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